How to build a custom Portfolio Contents Portlet After 13.2

Discussion created by Plidian on Mar 1, 2014

So when one of the companies with wich I worked upgraded to 13.2 there was of course a large effort around updating reports and portlets to use the new Portfolio tables.

Unfortuntey I missed an important detail when it came to portfolios that were manually populated.  That is, portfolios that didn't use a filter to determine the contents.

Up until I discovered this I had been operating under the impression that the table's were swapped out on a 1 to 1 basis.  With PFM_PORTFOLIOS replacing PMA_PORTFOLIOS ad PFM_INVESTMENTS replacing PMA_PORTFOLIO_CONTENTS

What I discovered was that investments that have been manually added are stored in a different table.  One named PFM_PINNED_INVESTMENTS.

In order to update the queries with minimum effort I created a virtual portfolio table to replace the PMA_PORTFOLIO_CONTENTS

My virtual table looked like this


Select portflio_id, investment_id from pfm_investments


Select portfolio_id, investment_id from pfm_pinned_invesments