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Help with exporting Clarity Project data into .Net application

Question asked by aslyon on Mar 3, 2014
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I have a .Net application (Silverlight web application written in C# using Visual Studio 2012) that needs to import project data from Clarity.

So far I have managed to create a Service Reference to a Clarity ..wsdl/query/cop.qry.prjReview, and I can see all the methods in the web service. But I do not know which methods to call and in what order so that I can import project data from Clarity. Should I instead use the Object Projects instead? But I do not see which information I get via this Object.

Does anybody have some sample code in C# that they can share with me? How do I log in, query Clarity for projects, and read the returned projects from Clarity?

Some code help and examples will be much appreciated.