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Clarity Upgrade 12.1.0 to 13.0 - XDM folder error

Question asked by kp1 on Mar 4, 2014
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We are upgrading from Clarity 12.1.0 to 13.0. (DEV server is on VMware) preupgrade and database upgrade has been successfully completed.

At  the time of post upgrade while moving all clarity home files to Clarity_Prev folder, it has thrown below error -


3/04/14 11:17 AM (ExecTask) Not resetting hidden file - D:\Programs\Clarity\webroot\ui\themes\default\images\Thumbs.db

3/04/14 11:17 AM (Project) Trying to override old definition of task java

3/04/14 11:17 AM (Target) Target "_process-install-dir" started.

3/04/14 11:17 AM (Move) Moving 21660 files to D:\Programs\Clarity_prev

3/04/14 11:18 AM (UnknownElement) Task "move" finished with error.

D:\Clarity13.0\install-packages\13.0.0\upgrade-repack.\install.xml:242: Unable to delete directory D:\Programs\Clarity\xdm





user has full access control over this directory and its parent directory. now Clarity Home is empty with empty xdm folder in it. but unable to delete.

What should be the approach to complete this upgrade ?