February 2014: Clarity Top 10 Knowledge Articles

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Here are the top 10 viewed Knowledge Base Articles for February 2014:

1 TEC573491 Using Clarity v13 Action Trace
2 TEC603462 Clarity: Datamart Extraction job fails with message "no data found" after upgrade to Clarity 13.2 or applying patch for 13.1
3 TEC484045 TMA-0111 timesheet error when adding tasks or saving timesheet.
4 TEC595088 Clarity: Audit trail shows no value for parameterized lookup
5 TEC605545 Clarity: Project 'New From Template' or 'Copy From Template' Financial Setting Attributes
6 TEC605612 Clarity: Timesheets filter: Autosuggest for the OBS Unit field never returns any OBS Units, it will always read "No results match" instead
7 TEC597391 r13.2 Portfolio Management has limitation for maximum number of investments and roles per portfolio. These can be changed by DBA but does not document how.
8 TEC578077 cache.xml has old entries which are unused and causing upgrade failures.
9 TEC595860 Clarity: Audit trail entries created with blank values (insert/edit operations) for a multi-valued lookup attribute tied to a user-defined static look up
10 TEC484783 Clarity: Dedicated Service for the Process Engine.