Pop up message - on click issue

Discussion created by Peter_B. on Mar 5, 2014
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Hi guys, 

I have an issue with customization which was ok in version 12 but now in version 13.3 doesnt work any more. It is pop up message in case you click on checkbox and other fields which are definied in the function does not fulfill condition pop up appears with error. 

Function is definied in the common.js file and there is one more field where are calling parameters it is in checkBoxField.xsl. 

In checkBoxField.xsl function looks like that: 

      <xsl:if test="$fieldName ='isopen'">

          <xsl:variable name="alertid">

              <xsl:text>checkCustomFunction(this, </xsl:text> 

<xsl:value-of select="/data/object/@project_type"/><xsl:text>', '</xsl:text>



          <event id="{$alertid}" type="onClick"/>



In common.js: 

function emptyfunc(){ }

function checkCustomFunction(cbisopen ,project_type)


 if (cbisopen.checked && project_type === 'M') {

    alert('ERROR MESSAGE TEXT');

    cbisopen.checked = false;

    return false;




Is there any changes of syntax in xsl or js files?

Many thanks for any ideas, 

Peter B.