APM Top 10 Accessed KB Articles and Documents for February 2014

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APM Top 20 Accessed KB Articles and Documents for February 2014
1. CA Application Performance Management Release Notes (9.5) (m003731e)
2. CA APM 9.1.7 Readme (m003661e)
3. CA Application Performance Management Release Notes (9.5) (m003701e)

KB Articles
1. Important notes for APM 9.5.2 upgrades
Description:  Here are some tips when upgrading to APM 9.5.2

2. 9.5.5 Agent Version Compatibility
Description: What Enterprise Manager versions can a 9.5.5 agent connect to?

3. Technical Advisory: Workstation Web Start Client Fails to Start with Java 7 Update 45 (Java 1.7.0_45), Java 6 Update 65 (Java 1.6.0_65), and Java 5 Update 55 (Java 1.5.0_55)
Description: CA Technologies has identified a potential issue with the CA APM/Introscope Workstation Web Start client with Java 7 Update 45 (Java 1.7.0_45), Java 6 Update 65 (Java 1.6.0_65) and Java 5 Update 55 (Java 1.5.0_55). This technical advisory describes the affected versions and platforms in more detail, and explains the workarounds or remediation actions that are recommended to prevent this issue from impacting your usage of CA APM.

4. After enabling SSL tracing, the Tim log is filled with Unsupported Ciphersuite warnings. Should I be concerned?
Description: The following warnings are coming up on the TIM log after enabling SSL tracing.

Warning: sslprint: Unsupported CipherSuite - 57 (TLS_DHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA)
Warning: sslinterface: network_process_packet: error 10 (unsupported ciphersuite), conn 11745060, packet 187519287, [<IPAddress>]:20843->[<IPAddress>]:2221; ignoring further data

Please explain what could be the possible reason for these warning messages..

5. SERVICE PACK::9.5.1 - Part 3
Description: What is fixed in 9.5.1

6. What issues have been addressed in APM in
Description:  What issues have been addressed in APM in

7. APM 9.5 installer binaries are missing the PowerpackForWebSphere_Agent.jar.
Description: APM 9.5 installer binaries are missing the PowerpackForWebSphere_Agent.jar.

8. Could not start service 'TIM.Collection.Svc' on entity 25: the service did not stop. Unable to set or change the EM associated with a Service on the Services Tab. The Save button is greyed out.
Problem #1:

Services including the Tim Collection Service, Stats Aggregation Service, or the DB Cleanup Service will not start. Looking at the appropriate EM log does not show the service running at all. For example, log entries for DailyAggregation will be missing if the Stats Aggregation Service is locked and cannot be started.

Problem #2:

You are unable to set or change the EM associated with a Service. This is normally done by selecting and saving a new EM from the Services Tab in the MOM's APM CE User Interface.

However, when accessing the Setup > Services menu and clicking on a Service link (i.e. Stats Aggregation Service), the Save button is greyed out. This should never be the case.

This article explains how to resolve the issue underlying both of these problems.

9. How to uninstall/reinstall a Windows installation of PostgreSQL software hosting the APM Database.
Description: Sometimes it may be necessary to uninstall/reinstall PostgreSQL software e.g. errors during initial APM install, moving APM database to a new server etc.

10. Agent metrics are not getting reported in the Investigator tree due to breaching the agent metric limit
In the case where some metrics from a specific agent are missing from the Investigator tree, and a similar warning like the following is logged in the IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log then new metrics will not be accepted:

[WARN] [PO:WatchedAgentPO Mailman 2] [Manager.Agent] The Agent <agent_name> is reporting too many metrics (current=15000, max=15000).

This indicates that the agent has breached the metric limit threshold configured in the apm-events-thresholds-config.xml, thus no new metrics will be reported for that particular agent. However existing/historical metrics will continue to report.

11. Cannot read /etc.wily/cem/tim/logs/protocolstats/... [Errno 13] Permission denied
Description: When trying to view the Tim packet Statistics or Timlog files, the browser is displaying an error indicating no permission to the file e.g.

Cannot read /etc.wily/cem/tim/logs/protocolstats1/2013-08-13.csv: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/etc.wily/cem/tim/logs/protocolstats1/2013-08-13.csv'

Inspection of the file in the file system using 'ls -al' shows that the file permissions are:

  -rw-r----- 1 root root 25031 Aug 13 06:24 2013-08-13.csv

12. Creating Frontends, Backends and App Map data for non J2EE applications
Description: Non J2EE applications tend not to report Frontend and Backend metrics and may not populate the Application Triage map. This can be corrected with a number of custom directives.

13. Enterprise Manager crashed due to OutOfMemory in Java heap space
Description: EM MOM crashed due to OutOfMemory in Java heap space. We had already specified -Xms1500m -Xmx1500m. We suspected a data or database corruption causing the problem. We brought the MOM up but it kept crashing. When the Heap Space issue appears, there is usually a lag in the garbage collection.

14. Google Chrome browser support for APM Webview and Java workstation Webstart.
Google Chrome browser support for APM webview and java workstation webstart.

Officially, Chrome is not supported. Unofficially we support Google Chrome (at least update 26) for Webview.

Explanation -
None of our UI support Chrome (though they are known to work fine in Chrome). The problem with Chrome is that we can't certify a specific version of it as it keeps updating itself and we cannot get a specific release of Chrome from the Google download site as it always gives you the latest version.

15. How do I know if I am running legacy or 9.1 new tracers?
Description: An upgrade of legacy tracers may be needed for Agents running versions between and or when existing tracers were changed to legacy due to Agent Memory Technical Advisory. This article helps you determine if you are running legacy or 9.1 new tracers

16. How to Set a Workstation Alert for ConnectionStatus
Description: There are 4 possible Connection States:

3 = disconnected

2 = connected, slowly or no data

1 = connected

0 = unmounted

Q. How can I build a threshold alert on a value of 0, unmounted?

When a JVM is restarted, it jumps to 3. Then it returns to 1 when connected.

When a JVM has been down for 30 minutes, it becomes "unmounted".

17. Is ABA available for APM 9.5.1?
Description: This article discusses ABA availability for 9.5.

18. No performance data is visible for Webservers when using the Webserver PowerPack to monitor Apache Web Server. [ERROR] [WebServerMonitor] Could not get performance metrics from server
The Webserver is visible in the Investigator but only availability and info branches are visible under the Webserver - there is no performance branch

19. Recover a lost or forgot Postgres password
Description: Have you lost or forgotten your postgresql password? If so, please see the solution below.

20. The workstation is often extremely slow and non responsive.
Description: The workstation often non-responsive for minutes at a time when viewing triage map, metrics or attempting to configure alerts.