Crystal reports DB config getting reset

Discussion created by shiva.s43 on Mar 6, 2014
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I'm migrate some custom crystal reports(SQL query based) to new server. Set the datasource location of report to point to new db and change the db configuration on CMC for that report. when I try to run the report from clarity the connection details of Crystal report in CMC is getting reset to old db details.

we are on Clarity 13.2, CABI 3.3, Cystal reports 2008 and SQL server 2012 DB.

While researching on this behavior I saw in some of the forums they pointed out that this could be a DB driver issue so I found a SAP site where they have given all the compatibilities for crystal 2008. It looks like it does not support database beyond SQL server 2008 and so we may not have the right driver in the system.

Below is from the site

Is this because crystal reports 2008 is not yet supported by SQL server 2012 DB/Drivers?

Any Suggestions?