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GEL get Scheduler URL syntax question

Question asked by Lowell on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by Lowell

I have a GEL script to pull the environment variables from the Properties.xml file. 

The problem is that with network changes, I now need to pull the "Scheduler Entry URL".

I am looking to pull this field from Properties.xml:

  <webServer schedulerUrl="" capaUrl="" sessionTimeout="" tenantTimeout="1440" sslType="implied">


The current code I have pulls other values:

      <core:set value="${config.getProperties().getWebServer().getWebServerInstance(0).getAddress()}" var="AddressIp"/>
      <core:set value="${config.getProperties().getWebServer().getWebServerInstance(0).getEntryUrl()}" var="EntryURL"/>
      <core:set value="${config.getProperties().getWebServer().getWebServerInstance(0).getPort()}" var="Port"/>