Wrong Project Manager Entity Updated automatically

Discussion created by Awadhesh.D on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by Dave

Hello Members,

Here i am facing one of the worst and not natural problem in Clarity.

Problem is: For example

For the same project manager = "Awadhesh Dammani" id:12345 manager entity is : 'a/b/c'

149 projects are correctly assigned to the project manager entity "a/b/c".

152 projets are wrongly assigned to the project manager entity "a/b/d".

When I am changing the project manager and then submit it it will correctly change the Project entity as the project manager entity.

But when i replace back to the same manager it again give me the same problem.

when I am changing the OBS of same manager in resource and then update the project it will correctly assign the OBS to project. when i change the manager to previous OBS it will again giving me the wrong OBS.,

NOt able to get what is the problem? If PM is Awadhesh - OBS is 'a/b/c' - project is wrongly updated to 'a/b/d'.

Please suggest me to follow up!

Thanks In Advance to all.