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OWB v2 Java Issue with Clarity v13.3

Question asked by nosreme on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2014 by another_martink

Hi.  I am trying to determine why i got an java 1.7 error after uninstalling legacy version of OWB and Schedule Connect.  We are in process of upgrading to v13.3 of Clarity and i read in the Change & Impact Guide that this release uses Java 7 and that starting with v13.3 CA Clarity PPM provides a specific JRE for Open Workbench.    I can confirm that when i installed executed the wbsetup.exe file from v13.3 that it indeed copied jre7 in the installation director of my workstation for use with schedule connect.    However, i could not open a project from Clarity into OWB v2 without getting a 'can't location java 1.7 error message. 


I guess my question relates to the workstation itself.  I was running clarity v12.1 with legacy OWB prior to our v13.3. upgrade and it used java 1.6 on the workstation itself (as required).  thus, when i completed the uninstall /  install procedures related to the OWB setup file with v13.3, i saw that jre7 was placed into my CA subfolder for use by schedule connect.  I did not think i would need to remove Java 1.6 from my machine as we have legacy applications in our enterprise that are coded to that version :( .  I could not get pass the error until i uninstalled java  1.6 from control panel and installed java 1.7.  But i thought that was the whole point of CA providing jre7 into a specific install folder as to not complicate or disrupt legacy apps and configs.

Please advise.  Do i have to install Java 1.7 on the workstation itself?  (Program Files / Java)    If so...what is the point of placing the jre in the CA subfolder during OWBv2 install. 

Perhaps my registry was not correct ? as i could not open a project until i installed Java 1.7. 

What am i missing here?

much thanks,