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[Q] Active Clarity Sessions

Question asked by Keri Taylor on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by Keri Taylor

So maybe i am overthinking this... the other day, i had to do a full reboot of the clarity system. i had glaced at the active users session portlet that was created a while ago by some developer... notficed there were about 300 users showing in the portlet. Went off and did my thing of rebooting the DB and the application servers. When i unpaused all the jobs, and everything was back up and running... less than 20min, when i looked again, there was the same amount of users on the system as there was previously.... so, why? why would there be the same active sessions?

Readng the table it states: This table stores information for each active authenticated user session. These sessions begin when a user logs in. They end either when the user logs out or when the session expires and is cleared by the session cleanup job.

My thought is that

1. the job wasn't run... however, wouldn 't the reboot clear everything... Clear all the sessions?

2. Is there truly a way to see active sessions, users that are currently on the system at any given time?

Again, i am sure i am over thinking this but figured i would ask just the same... not everyone "logs out" of the system...

3. is logging out the same as clicking the "X" in the top right corner of the web browser? smiley

Any advise and/or discussion is welcome