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One of the fastest ways to get value out of Clarity is through the PMO Accelerator.  You can find this information and even the installation package from CA Support -- or simply request the installation via a ticket if you're one of our On-Demand customers.  Today, I will be focusing on 2 from that pack and contribute a portlet that builds on top of that functionality.

Status Reporting -- everybody has to do it.  What did you say you were going to do and did you do it?  The output can be quite nice (see my previous post on the One-Pager).  In our 13.0 release, as part of the PMO Accelerator, we included Status Report as a sub-object of the Project object.  You can find this from Project > Properties tab > Status Reports sub-tab.  There, every week (or whenever you set the cadence to be), the project manager should report on the subjective status of scope, schedule, and cost/effort.  It's pretty straightforward, a few drop downs and perhaps some text.  You can even use the Actions menu to copy over from a previous status report if you're so inclined.

Now, you have a historical record of how your project has performed week over week.

To take it a couple steps further, the PMO Accelerator provides 2 views on a global scale that you can find under Home Menu > Dashboards > Status Report Listing (you'll need "project manager" access rights for this page):


The first is just simply a listing of ALL status reports -- this is essentially creating a portlet on Status Reports.  It gives you a complete list and you can do as you wish with it.


The second one is a compliance report -- WHO HASN'T FILLED IN THEIR REPORTS!?  Using the page filters, I can find late (top) and missing (bottom) ones.  I am sure you have one for missing time sheets, why not have one for status reports, right?

Those are the two that are delivered out of the box.  I've gone ahead and tweaked a portlet to make this report better.  It is a trending status report:

Trending Status Report

It's a useful report that combines the concepts from the PMO Accelerator and kicks it up a notch.  This view answers the question: "which projects need my help?"  The reality of the situation is that, there will be some projects that are always going to be yellow -- there is some risk that will never be mitigated.  The projects I do care about are the ones that are TRENDING negatively (current vs previous).  So I can filter my list and see all the projects that have an overall negative trend, and by exception, address just those projects -- what are the roadblocks I will need to remove to make sure the delivery will be on track?  Best of all, you can filter by specific departments (OBS) or specific project managers (use the same portlet page filter as the PMO Accelerator).

I've shared this with a couple of customers already.  Their replies have been, "that's exactly what we need to see, how can I get my hands on that!?"  I am including that query and portlet as an attachment in this post so go ahead and bring it into your environment (of course test it out and make sure nothing "breaks"; I also can't be held responsible so please use at your own risk).

What reports have you gotten out of Clarity?  Have you developed some custom portlets that have been lifesavers?  Share with us your experiences!