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Login problem

Question asked by Owen_R on Mar 13, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by Chris_Hackett

I have come across a weird issue that I can't resolve.

I have recently reset the password and reactivated an account for dormant user.  They cannot log in at all on their machine, yet I can log in as them from my laptop.  They also cannot log in on other machines.  I have asked them to clear their browser cache, re-boot; and I have xogged their user record out and back in; obviously I have confirmed they are using the correct username and password.  I've also confirmed that there aren't any "last updated by -99" type issues for this resource and we have no unexpected system locks in PRLOCK.

This is on Clarity 12.1.3 on SQL Server, with IE 8.

I'm figuring it's browser or O/S related rather than Clarity but I don't know where else to look - anyone experienced this before?