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XOG and a Multi Valued Lookup Field

Question asked by ben.jones on Mar 14, 2014
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I have a process based custom xog script that works fine in v12.1 but not in v13.3. It updates a multi valued lookup field.

Here’s some information about it:

The multivalued lookup field is called ‘Area’ and is against each project.  When a project is created from a template, the Area field is populated with all ‘areas’ from the template.  Each project has a sub object in which there is a different row for each area.  Each area can go into their own row to say if they need to be involved in the project.  They can respond with ‘yes’ or ‘no’. When they respond, a process runs which contains 1 xog script. Here’s what the xog script does:

If ‘No’: It uses sql to list all areas currently in the Area field, minus the area that said ‘No’ and then xogs them back into the Area field – thus resulting in that area being removed from the Area field.

If ‘Yes: It does the same, but includes the area if it’s not there already – thus ensuring the area is listed in the Area field.

This worked fine in 12.1 but isn’t working in 13.3.  Actually, it works fine if the Area field is empty but it’s never going to be empty, rendering it useless, although it does show that the script/sql is ok. When it fails it doesn’t give a reason but does show what it’s trying to xog in, and it looks fine – listing all of the areas minus the area that said ‘No’ (I had run the process against a response of ‘No’ for a specific area).

Does anyone know why this is happening or can recommend a different approach? Other xog scripts are working fine.

Here’s what the process results show, (the xog part looks fine - & the id of the area is not listed in the values):

I've also attached the script.

[XOG]Logging into Clarity XOG at xxxx.

[XOG][XOG]Log in successful 81749675__5CA0F747-231A-4723-B23B-29AE464ADE3F


XML for build a product =<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<NikuDataBus xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../xsd/nikuxog_project.xsd">

  <Header action="write" externalSource="NIKU" objectType="project" version=""/>


    <Project name="Project Test 1" projectID="PJ012788">


        <ColumnValue name="o2_area">











[XOG]XOG operation completed [Total 1, Inserted 0, Updated 0, Failed 1]

[XOG]Error Information:<Description>Project Object update failed</Description>

[XOG]Logged out

Time taken: 2.874 seconds

BPM-0546: Custom script has completed.

Parent id 5083721

BPM-0546: Custom script has completed.

Parent id 5083721

BPM-0546: Custom script has completed.