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Business Service Not Available in Investigator's Triage Map

Question asked by dnewburg on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Hiko_Davis

When exploring the Business Services available via the Triage Map of the Investigator, I do not find that two of our CEM-defined Business Services are available in the list.  Despite this, if I navigate over to Metric Browser tab and expand the Business Services tree under the CEM agent attached to our TIM EM, I find the Business Service and Transactions available for review, with data being recorded.

The two Business Services that are unavailable via the Triage Map each have a single Business Transaction.  The identifying components of their transactions each utilize a valid regular expression among the indetifying actions.  This information may not be beneficial, but I offer it as this is a trait unique to these two Business Services/Transactions which are not available in the Triage Map in comparison to the Business Services and Transactions that are available in the Triage Map.

All components in the environment are at  Has any one else encountered and resolved this behavior?  If so, how?