Project Type and EAC Cost in an On-Demand BO

Discussion created by BarakBes on Mar 16, 2014
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We are working in an on-demand Clarity environment (13.2) and an on-demand BO InfoView.

We didn't find the following in any of the BO univeses provided with the On Demand package:

-  Project Type

- EAC Cost. We tried Actual Cost for Labor Resources + ETC Cost for Labor Resources, but they both come out empty, although ACWP and ETC are not 0 in Clarity  and all costs are Labor (we work with a cost matrix but without financial plans)

- Cost Matrix information: In the documnetation of the CA PPM Financials v13, such a class appears - but we can't see it in the universe.

Since universe alteration is forbidden with an on-demand environment, this is quite a road-block

Have I missed something?