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OLQ Job Control Module

Question asked by JBM1 on Mar 19, 2014

I should know this but I just don't. We use a default module name of OLQBATCH-JCL residing in the SYSTEM dictionary for all batch OLQs. For 98% of our OLQ users, this name - OLQBATCH-JCL - appears as the default "Job Control Module" name at the OLQ MENU-mode screen where batch OLQs are submitted. However, for a handful of users, the "Job Control Module" name is blank.

My question is: How/where does OLQ look to acquire the default "Job Control Module" name to display? Users who see a blank name complain about always having to type it in. Don't see it in the SYSGEN OLQ. Didn't pick up much from the OLQ manuals. Perhaps some other manual?

Any guidance is appreciated.