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No Tracelogs getting created

Question asked by ejv1972 on Mar 20, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2014 by kirku01
Hi     We had a major outage on 3/15/14 (issue is still on going) where we could not start the primary server up in our CA WLA R11.3.2 (dseries) environment.  The issue was tied into an ESX host issue however when we were moved over to the new ESX host and we were able to finallt start up the primary server we noticed that preformance was very slow so we decided to fail over to the seconddary.  When we did the changerole the change role was taking over 15 minutes to complete so we cancelled out of the changerole.  We then brought down both services on the primary and the secondary and then made our secondary server the primary (preformance is fine) and made the original primary the secondary.     However we noticed that the secondary is not creating any tracelogs at all even though it is up and running.  When we go to the topology and right click on the server name and select configure logging we get an error Unsupported logging configuration. Rolling appender is not attached to the root logger.      Has anyone ever seen this issue?  Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve the this issue?  We would greatly appreciate everyones thoughts or ideas