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Discussion created by Krishna4452769 on Mar 21, 2014
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Hi All,


I wanted to know detailed process of LABOR_ACTSUM calculation. As per the tech reference document it is "The sum of all actuals posted by labor resources assigned to the investment team. The value is stored in seconds." so when i went to PRASSIGNMENT table and checked the actuals posted to that particular task by two resources is 120 [data displayed is in seconds converted to hours by dividing total with 3600 ] . Also in the timesheet posted hours to the project task are 120 hours[data displayed is in seconds converted to hours by dividing total with 3600 ] however when I checked LABOR_ACTSUM.INV_INVESTMENT is 100 hours. I checked all resources details, Time periods are fine, track mode of the resource set properly. Task dates are fine and open for the time entry and I even tried fixing by changing the slice status manually for the Project to 1 and reran the timeslicing job however still there is mismatch between LABOR_ACTSUM and sum of the all actuals posted by labor resources.  Also if manually change the LABOR_ACTSUM to 120 in the DB it is getting changed to 100 after running the investment allocation job.

Please help me to resolve this issue. Also let me know if there is any possibility to edit the BLOB's in the database and procedure to do the same.

We are on clarity 12.1 and using Oracle DB and IBM WAS as application server.

Thank you !