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No response found for the request to the LISA VSE system

Question asked by rodrigomartinezorozco4458775 on Mar 21, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2014 by DanPerovich

Hello guys,

We have a problem with mi VSE, it isn´t able to find a match for my request. I create a DPH to format my request, if I run it from my workstation (Trough ITR) It works propely, but the problem is when i start the service, The following error appears for all the transactions "No response found for the request to the LISAVSE system", that´s because the request is a plain string it appears that my the VSE doesn´t recognize my DPH.

  • I´m working with the version 7.0.2 in my server and the same for the workstation.
  • The .jar is in the hotdeploy folder in both (server and workstation).

I will appreciate any kind of information or suggestions in order to solve this issue with my LISA VSE.