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get status handle failing

Question asked by akhan.1 on Mar 23, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by Scott_Owens

hi there,

i've run a process to get all status codes for Request/Issue/Change, get status handle is working fine for Request and Issue but blocked in Change.

here is the error

"Error in post-execution code. Failed to execute code:
var objects = Process[OpName].doSelectReturn.match(/<UDSObject>/gi);
var numInstances = objects.length;

for(i=1;i<= numInstances;i++)
    var code = applyXPath(Process[OpName].doSelectReturn,"//UDSObject[" + i + "]/Attributes/Attribute[AttrName='code']/AttrValue/text()")
    var handle = applyXPath(Process[OpName].doSelectReturn,"//UDSObject[" + i + "]/Handle/text()")

    Process[OpName].objStatus[code] = handle;
 -- msg.valuemap.invalid.fieldname (#10)"

note: in the other environment of SDM12.6 and PAM 4.1 it is working fine

also i am attaching the content for the reference