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What is the MessageID and client type for Socket Agent API integration

Question asked by rkodali on Mar 24, 2014
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We are trying to integrate with CA-DataMinder using Socket Agent API sending requests over TCP Port 8538.

Seeing the WgnMilter Agent on Linux makes of Socket Agent API I got that setup working and I am able to send mails using Sendmail on Linux to Port 8538

Now we have started writing the code to send requests over Port 8538 and it looks we are stuck with MessageID issue.

We will have to send an unique MessageID along with each message so that eventually the message can be retrieved from the archive after it gets deleted in CA-DataMinder.

When sending a mail from WgnMilter/Sendmail the client type in message header is 02061001 

Now if we use the same in our code we are seeing the follownig error messageMar 24, 2014 15:51:54 PM TRACE TID:0x0000102c Error - Message ID invalid (NTC1R3PAGWFCYMUPNB41QXJJB43XAMXPA) for Client Type 02061001.

So we tried changing it a random one and it still doesn't help (obvious)

Mar 24, 2014 15:52:30 PM TRACE TID:0x0000102c Error - Message ID invalid (NTC1R3PAGWFCYMUPNB41QXJJB43XAMXPA) for Client Type 09974001.
The question what is the client type we should use in the header ? Does this has to be created by CA-DataMinder product group or there is one available for 3rd party integrations.
The documentation for Socket Agent API developer guide doesn't cover this. 
If not can we stuff the message ID in the XML that is part of DataElement (2) ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.