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Query action items notes with related project and changes

Question asked by metin.ornek on Mar 25, 2014
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I have Change Request processes. An action item is send to manager depending on workflow conditions. Manager enters notes into action items.

We need to query Project Code, Project Name, Change Request Code, Action Item Subject, Action Item Notes

I have a solution for notes below, but I couldn't relate this with project and change request tables.

King regards


select, userId, csu.first_name||' '||csu.last_name username, noteId, to_char(bran.note),bra.ai_status_code aiStatus, bsId, actionId, brs.step_id stepId,bran.created_date noteCreateDate


bpm_run_assignees bra left outer join bpm_run_assignee_notes bran on,


cmn_sec_users csu,

bpm_run_steps brs,

bpm_run_processes brp

where and and and

and bra.ai_status_code not IN('CAL_OPEN')

and brs.status_code='BPM_SIS_DONE'

and brs.process_instance_id=6349960 -- my process id