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Report Audit trail Info

Question asked by CassieOakes4454414 on Mar 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by Gurjeet.S

I am trying to report audit trail info.  Example:  I want to see the project name, task name audited, Attribute audited, operation completed, changed by, old value, new value, date updated.  I cannot seem to find the correct joins to create these tables in my universe. We have a portlet page on each project that shows the info per project, I want to replicate that in my report. 

SELECT,,, aud.object_code, aud.column_name, aud.table_name, aud.operation_code, aud.value_before, aud.value_after, aud.last_updated_date, aud.last_updated_by, res.unique_name, res.full_name
Inv_investments inv,
cmn_audits aud,
srm_resources res
aud.last_updated_by = res.user_id
and =
and = 5037002

This query only returns one row and does not bring me the task name that was audited.  There should be many tasks per project and many audits per task.