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How to Limit/Restrict/Hide the Avialable columns on the Object

Question asked by Syed_Moin on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by NitinAgarwal

Hello All,

We are using Clarity V13.1 and recently we getting the 502 proxy error page when user is trying to export the data to excel from the Project List page. When analysed we came to know that user was selecting more number of attributes (like more than 20) in the available column of Configure link.

So we are looking for a solution if we can restrict the attributes in available columns of Configure link in the Project list page. Also we have observed that we are not facing any overhead while displaying the result on the page with more number of columns.But when user tries to export the data to excel with more columns , User is redirected to 502 proxy error page.

We have tried to deactive the attributes with which we can hide the columns from the user but we would like to know if deactivating the Attribute cause any issues with saving the data or has any other issues related. 

Please let us Know if there is a way we can restrict the selection of available columns to the user say upto 15 coloumn and after which not allowing the user to select more columns.

Also we would like to know the difference between - Export to Excel (Data only) and Export to Excel.

Many Thanks,