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Server sizing for migrating to V12.1

Question asked by baro.brice on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2010 by sundar
Hi all,

We are starting to plan migrating our current system from v8.0 to V12.1 and would like to have a first overview on the server sizing (processor speed, #of processors, RAM, HDD, dedicated server,…) for running V12.1.

I know it depends on various factors such as # of users and concurrent access, # of projects and customizations, but the idea is for us to have a high level view of what is being used for V12.1 to help us make our mind.

Note that I already had a look to the Product Architecture Stack but it does not provide information related to server dimensioning.

Our configuration is as follow:


Microsoft solutions (OS and db)


Actuate for reporting


900 active users with an average of 200 concurrent access

Using the following modules: Timesheets, Project Management, Other Work, Products, Applications, Financial Mgt, Resource Management

System is (heavily?) customized with specific objects and attributes, reports, jobs, processes, portlets,…

Grateful for any feedback on your configuration