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ESP History File Archving Automation

Question asked by May on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by Allen_Thennes


I would like to get some opinions/recommendations on ESP history file archiving process is handled. 

  • Do you automate the history file archiving process?
  • How often and when should the history file arching process be performed?
  • How are you monitoring the automate process to ensure all the steps are completed successfully?  such as notification method when step fails.

It is my understanding that when performing ESP history file arching process, the command TRACKING NOSTORE needs to issue on both Master and Proxy to have tracking requests accumulated in checkpoint dataset.  Once the history file archiving process is completed successfully, then TRACKING STORE command will be issue again on both Master and Proxy.  There may be a concern when automate the history file archiving process, and the archiving steps don’t complete successfully, history file then stays in close status and TRACKING NOSTORE is still in effect.    Then, the job tracking information may not be available in history file when ESP subsystem is running without opened HISTFILE.