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Alert on a hung Queue

Question asked by JKW on Nov 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by JKW
We have an application with connects to several systems that process incoming messages.
The application contains several Queue's with Inbound and Outbound messages.

One of the problems we have and need to alert on is when the messages are not flowing.
This can be seen when for several minutes or hours the Queue remains the same.
For example, it's been at 105 messages stuck in the queue for the last half hour.
This indicates that the system connecting to the Queue is not pulling messages.

How can I alert on this?

I may create a JavaScript Calculator for this. I was thinking of taking the current
value of the queue and the previous value of the queue and then dividing it
for a percetage. I'll rotate the numenator and demonitor to make sure that value
stays below one. If the value is one, then the value hasn't changed. I can then
set an alert on the metric based on a "1" not changing for x periods.

Any suggestions would be appreciated or if someone has written something
simliar to this, could should share the code?

Thanks. JKW