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Editing Time Periods in v.13?

Question asked by steveva on Apr 3, 2014
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This is published in the CA Answer Bar:  (below)  ....Is it working for anyone using Ver.13?  (at this v13.1 site, Time Periods do not open to Properties.)

Edit Time Reporting Periods
You can change time reporting periods that are unused. Used time reporting periods are locked and cannot be changed.
Follow these steps:
Open the time reporting period.
The properties page appears.
Edit the following fields:
Period Name
Defines a unique name for the period.
Period Type
Defines the time reporting period type.
Values: Weekly, 13 Periods per Year, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually
Period Number
Indicate the order of the time reporting period to appear (in ascending order).
Example: First (“1”), second (“2”), or third (“3”).
Defines the description of the period.
Specifies the quarter associated with the period for roll-up purposes.
Defines the year associated with the period for roll-up purposes.
Start Date
Specifies the start date for the reporting period.
Finish Date
Specifies the finish date for the reporting period. Click the calendar icon, select an end date for the new time period, then click Add.
Save the changes.