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R12 Federation setup

Question asked by VVK on Apr 8, 2014
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We have a requirement to have SAML2.0 SSO with 3rd party application. Currently, we are having the SiteMinder setup at our end.

We are planning to have to Federated SSO setup in place in which our organization will be acting as IDP(Identity provider) and 3rd party as SP(Service provider). As far as I know, we need to have following setup in place to achieve SAML2.0 SSO-

1. Install Webagent option pack on a same/separate server. Deployt it on Application server i.e. Weblogic

2. Policy server option pack is not required as we are using SiteMinder R12 policy server.

3. 3rd Party application needs to have SAML2.0 toolkit like ADFS, SiteMinder to consume the assertion.

Please let me know if I have correct understanding.

I still have below questions -

1. If we have separate server on which we have WAOP installed & deployed on weblogic server, then do we need to install any webagent on that server? If yes, then what this agent will be protecting ?

2. On Policy server, we need to create the affiliate domain to protect the 3 party application. How this domain settings made available to FSS deployed on Weblogic ?

It would be better if someone can share the document that can detail out simple federation setup with activity flow diagram and components required.

Appreciate your quick response in this.