Announcing the Upcoming CA Clarity PPM Documentation Wiki

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could access a collaborative environment that lets you find answers quickly with intuitive search, access up-to-date information on mobile devices, view new CA Clarity PPM Cookbook articles, export information to PDF and Word documents, rate and comment, and provide us with feedback so we can improve the content in a timely manner? You can!

Your product documentation is evolving to a dynamic Wiki!

We are planning to release the CA Clarity PPM Documentation Wiki and we’d love for you to collaborate with us.

What's Happening with the Bookshelves and Online Help?


The upcoming CA Clarity PPM release is the last release that will provide the traditional bookshelves (including the HTML and PDF documentation) and the current online help. After the upcoming GA release, we will discontinue the bookshelves, the HTML documentation, the PDF documentation, and online help in future releases. The bookshelves and online help will evolve and be replaced by the Wiki.

Any post-GA documentation updates for the upcoming release will only be made on the Wiki.

Note: You can find the existing bookshelves supporting previous CA Clarity PPM releases on CA Support Online.

What’s Happening with the CA Answer Bar?


The CA Answer Bar is being retired in September, 2014 and it will not be delivered with the upcoming CA Clarity PPM release. The CA Answer Bar started the transition to better search-based information. And with the evolution to a dynamic Wiki, you will have a collaborative environment to find and share relevant and up-to-date content. After September, any shortcuts you may have to the CA Answer Bar will redirect you to the global search results page on our product support page where you can easily search for the information you need.

What Will the Wiki Look Like?


A few CA products are now live on the Wiki. Use the links below to see it in action, get a preview of what the CA Clarity PPM Wiki will look like, and how it will work: 

Help Us Design the Upcoming CA Clarity PPM Documentation Wiki


Let’s start the conversation now. Follow these steps:

1.       Use the previous Wiki links to get acquainted with what the CA Clarity PPM Documentation Wiki will look like and how it will work.

2.       Review the following draft screen shot of the upcoming CA Clarity PPM Documentation Wiki Home Page and the table below the screen shot for a description of the content you will find in each box.

Content Area/Blue Box Contains
Announcements & News Important announcements/news. For example, a new article on the CA Clarity PPM Cookbook, important information from the Community, an upcoming BrightTALK seminar, etc.
Videos Videos from the CA Technologies eduCAte channel on YouTube.
Release Information Release information that is traditionally found in the Release Notes and Change Impact and Upgrade.
Installing and Upgrading Information about how you install and upgrade CA Clarity PPM.
Using Information about how you manage projects, portfolios, resources, and finances.
Administering Information about how you set up CA Clarity PPM so users can manage projects, portfolios, resources, and finances.
Add-Ins and Connectors Information about how you extend the product functionality using the add-ins and connectors.
Reference Technical information for CA Clarity PPM, such as portlets, jobs reference, database tables, etc.
Connect Access to the CA Clarity Global User Community, Blogs, Support, Green Books, CA Clarity PPM Cookbook on Flipboard, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and BrightTALK.


3.       Note your observations, comments, and suggestions about the order of the boxes (the most important should appear at the top), their name, and what content you would expect to find when you click each box. If there are any boxes you don’t see and would expect to find, let us know, and also where they should appear on the Home Page.

4.       Do one of the following:

  • Respond to this community post with your feedback.
  • Email me directly ( with your feedback.

We are experimenting now, and we want to ensure that we provide you with a simple and intuitive Wiki where you will easily be able to find the content that you want.

Thank you for joining in our journey to evolve the product documentation and improve your experience.