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Passing parameter

Question asked by Manish9jul on Apr 9, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by Tom_Kouhsari


We are using  two soap operator and trying to pass the value from one operator to other operator but we stucked to parse the value  from the response message.

I am getting the output from the first operator like   "__o_251_1045160_1 __o_251_1051573_1" but i can't pass the whole value to second operator ,need to split value.

 For this i have written a java script and used the split function like (var i; var j = process.soap operator.varaible name var k = j.split (" ",1)) so that it will give us only one value "__o_251_1045160_1 " but not able to see the post execution result ,not sure post execution giving us the correct value.

Please guide me.