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Post Upgrade - Checkout

Question asked by TDBecker on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by Dave

Hi everyone,  I thought I might throw out a non-specific question to the group rather than my usual "something is broken" question.  

I just finished my upgrade on my Development environment from 13.2 to 13.3 and was trying to think of a standard set of checkout tasks that I would run through before turning it over to the testers in my group.  Way back in 2008 when I was at Clarity bootcamp, it seemed like there were a few items like running a health check, logging onto Clarity, saving a document and maybe running a process that were identified.  Unfortunately, my notes from training have been lost.

So, here is my question,  what is your checkout routine when you upgrade a Clarity environment? 

Here is my list

  1. Run a healthcheck in NSA
  2. Look at the process engine in Clarity, Check the status and heartbeat.
  3. Resume a job (i.e. timeslice) and make sure it completes
  4. Check out any custom items (we have a job that reads our HR web server).
  5. Open the Project and Resource Portlets to make sure they are functioning and nothing has been added/dropped.
  6. Open my timesheet and add hours.  Save and reopen.
  7. Check proceses to make sure errors aren't introduced to the logs
  8. Run a report
  9. I don't use Clarity document management, so I don't test that.
  10. Review the app and bg logs to see if any new errors/warning appear.
  11. I recently started watching my DB Connection Pool (in weblogic) to make sure they are released.

After this list checks out, I turn it over to my testers.