CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: %sentonbehalf%

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%sentonbehalf% published by Andrew Devine, Senior Support Engineer on Tuesday 15 April 2014.

CA DataMinder policy triggers incorporate Data Lookup settings for all email, Data In Motion and Data At Rest capture and control triggers. They provide highly flexible extensions to these triggers.

Data Lookup commands support a range of command variables where the <who> can be queried.  For userattr, msgattr, and mapi commands, <who> determines whether the email recipients or the sender are tested for characteristics that match the Data Lookup criteria.

CA DataMinder r14.6 has introduced %sentonbehalf% to the list of supported <who> identifiers to trigger policies on Sent-on-Behalf-of users.

For Example; User A allows Delegate B to send emails on his behalf. Although the email sender is Delegate B, policy can be applied to User A using the %sentonbehalf% attribute.

UserAttr WITH %sentonbehalf% WHERE Wgn.GroupParent IS {“UK”}

Other <Who> identifiers include %sender% and %recipient%

More information can be found in the CA DataMinder r14.6 Policy Guide (DLP_Policy_ENU.pdf) which is available to download from the CA DataMinder r14.6 Bookshelf ( on the CA Support Portal (