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Cannot change Finish date after WIP adjustment

Question asked by Nei_Lojas_Renner_SA on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by Nei_Lojas_Renner_SA

Hello Communitie, 

I am having an issue with a specific tasks finish date. The task had following dates:

- Starts: Aug 2013

- Finish: Dec 2013

After post to WIP a transaction date DEC 2014 (incorrect), tasks finish date had changed to Dec 2014.

I have created a WIP Adjustment and the actual´s is fine (Dec 2013) but now I cannot be able to change Finish date to Dec 2013. I think that is because Actuals Thru date field was recorded with Dec 2014.In this case, how can I change the Finish date.

Thanks for any kind of help.

Nei Villas Boas