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EPAgent (9.1.6) XML format metric string length limit?

Question asked by neil.graham on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Guenter_Grossberger



I'm attempting to use windows powershell to capture some metrics for some of our servers in an EPAgent and in my testing it appears that if I use the XML format, the total length of the metric string is limited to 80 characters.

This same constraint does seem to exist for the simple format as it works.  I'm expecting to have other metric types than IntCounter and String, so I would like to use the xml format if I can, but the metric strings will easily exceed 80 characters.

For example, this works:

<metric type='IntCounter' name='ServerHealth|CPU:CPU Load(%)' value='55'/>

While this gets truncated at 80 (79?) characters and is therefore invalid:

<metric type='IntCounter' name='TestThisLongString|ServerHealth|CPU:CPU Load(%)

As does this:

<metric type='IntCounter' name='TestThisEvenLongerStringServerHealth|CPU:CPU Lo

Am I missing something?  That seems a very small number for the total length I am sending back.

If there is a limit, is it configurable?

Any help greatly appreciated!