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Capman DB - Backup and Restore

Question asked by sawsa02 Employee on Apr 17, 2014

Hi All,

Below is the query related to Capman Database Backup and Restore - marked in YELLOW , assuming the application server (CCC) is crashed


  1. Two independent setups will be installed in each of DC1 and DC2.
  2. CapMan Setup in DC1 will be operational with all data sources like Nimsoft, vCenter, CSV data from Unishpere\Business\Services etc. Capman setup in DC2 will be stopped and treated as stand-by setup.
  3.   Weekly backup of DC1 database will be configured and move to DC2 in separate drive on CapMan server but it will not be restored. - Can we restore the Backup of a one CCC Database Server to another CCC Database Server ?
  4.   If database stores only performance data, reports etc then during DR and Failover, restore backup on DC2 Oracle instance and start DC2 application. We can also configure dataguard between 2 oracle instances to keep them in sync. - Do we support this?