Posting Financial Transactions Corrupting Project?

Discussion created by AndreaMcVey on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by AndreaMcVey
In a Previous Post, I outlined an issue I was having with XOG mucking up my Project object.

Ok...It seems that the XOG is a peripheral problem.
I have created a new project - completely clean.
I have not run the XOG against it.

I ran some financial transactions and now when I try and change any field on the project, I am getting the error described previously ("Company Name or Billing Currency cannot be changed after transactions have been posted.")

Looks like something in the WIP Posting job has created the problem. (Prior to posting, no issues.)

Please note that the Company Name is always null and the Billing Currency is set to single currency Canadian $.

The example from the XOG also had financial transactions and I am guessing that that is what has corrupted the project and therefore made the XOG malfunction (though I imagine we will still run the hot-fix regardless.)

Is there any incident of financial transactions corrupting projects or locking them up?