CA NYC RUG 4/25/14 Web Topic: Provider Direct Time Entry in Clarity

Discussion created by Tammi Champion on Apr 24, 2014
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Topic: Provider Direct Time Entry in Clarity

Presenter: Duane Davis, ACE Group

Description: The details consist of a program designed to do away with XOGging thousands of transactions into Clarity every month from our 3rd party vendors because our project managers would not know the actuals and costs of their project until we received a feed 2 weeks after the close of the month the work was performed. Instead we implemented an on-boarding process for all 3rd party resources by adding them to Clarity via (XOG), assigning them to projects and tasks (via XOG), and have them enter timesheets on a weekly basis just like our employees. We now get invoiced from the actuals in Clarity and we have created new portlets, updated our rate matrix, and adjusted our overall processes to ensure that project managers have an accurate picture of their project (as of that week) instead of waiting over a month to get an accurate picture their project.

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