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Update the Project in chunks through Xog

Question asked by vineet.1990 on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by gcubed

Currently, this script updates all possible entry in one attempt. Meaning, if there are 1000 it try to create a file with 1000 entries and XOG it.. That is too much for XOG to handle. So i need the projects to be updated 100 at a time, any help

                 <!-- Get the Instance Data -->
                 <sql:query dataSource="${clarityDS}" escapeText="false" var="result">
                                         SELECT  ii.code proj_code,
                                                (select name from odf_ca_dist_baseline where id = ${gel_objectInstanceId}) base_name
                                         FROM    odf_ca_dist_baseline_data       base,
                                                 INV_INVESTMENTS ii
                                         WHERE   base.ct_inv_id =
                                         AND     ODF_PARENT_ID = ${gel_objectInstanceId}
                 <core:forEach items="${result.rowsByIndex}" trim="true" var="rrow">
                     <core:set value="${rrow[i+0]}" var="proj_code"/>
                     <core:set value="${rrow[i+1]}" var="proj_name"/>
                     <core:set value="${rrow[i+2]}" var="base_name"/>
                     <gel:parse var="projRows">
                         <Project name="${proj_name}" projectID="${proj_code}">
                                <ColumnValue name="ct_new_baseline">true</
                                 <ColumnValue name="ct_need_dist_baselin">true</ColumnValue>
                                 <ColumnValue name="ct_distb_name">${base_name}</ColumnValue>
                                 <ColumnValue name="partition_code">NIKU.ROOT</ColumnValue>