Central authentication of BusinessObjects server

Discussion created by RaviCCC on Apr 28, 2014
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I need some guidance in setting up central authentication of BusinessObjects server which is integrated with Clarity application.   We have Clarity version 13.1.   Our BusinessObjects server is version XI (BOXI) R3 SP5.    Our Clarity v13.1 application has been already configured with LDAP in the first phase.  Now we need to implement Central Authentication (probably LDAP) for BOXI server.  There are two ways this BusinessObjects server is used.  

1. Clarity users can run standard reports from Clarity application.   Clarity application uses Shared authentication key to connect to BusinessObjects server

2. Infoview users can login to Infoview and create their own Web Intelligence reports using CA Business Intelligence universes.  

All Clarity users are not necessarly Infoview users, vice versa some infoview users are not Clarity users.

I went through some Clarity documentation, but I need more clarification

1.With the Central authentication in BOXI, what will happen to Clarity and BOXI integration established with Shared Authenication key

2.With the Central authentication, how do we maintain generic accounts (like Administrator). This generic accounts are used in integrating Clarity and BOXI.  Also we have some generic accounts for testing purposes..  Also these generic accounts used in connecting Universe Deisgner and Crystal Reports designer to repository.

Can anybody give me on direction on this?