Clarity/MS Project - Resource Leveling not working

Discussion created by Dale_Stockman Champion on Apr 28, 2014
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Have read recent posts that resource leveling works in 13.3.  We are on 13.1 and I'm working with a team regarding resource leveling, within their project, using MSP.

I've also read that one can resource level in MSP, with earlier versions of Clarity (13.1 and earlier), but when saving back to Clarity, the changes due to leveling are lost.

Ok - I've done some reading.  What I'm seeing is different.  After opening the project from Clarity into MSP, resource leveling just plain doesn't work.  Have checked "Can Level" on resources and "Level Assignments" on tasks - all say "Yes."  Also verified that slack is available.  Then, I can take the same projects, copy/paste them into a brand new project (unconnected to Clarity), and the leveling works perfect in the new project.

Q1:  If Resource Leveling doesn't work with Clarity prior to 13.3 - how in fact does it not work?  Is there something in a project downloaded from Clarity, that turns leveling off?  Or am I supposed to be able to level, but the changes won't be saved in Clarity?

Q2:  If Resource Leveling hasn't worked up until 13.3, what were people doing before this to resource level within projects, when using MSP and Clarity together?