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Missing Transaction in Clarity 12.1.3

Question asked by Plidian on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by ykrao

So I've got a strange problem that is stumping me.  The start of the problem began with an incorrect rate being entered in the rate matrix and hours being posted using that rate.  Almost all of these have been resolved by creating a WIP adjustment transferring the transaction and forcing a recalculation.

All except 1 transaction.  For some reason this transaction doesn't show up in the list of transactions available for creating a WIP adjustment


Go to Transactions and filter by period and resource.  Notice that the resource has a transaction that is calculated at the incorrect rate, note that the yellow check exists in the charged column

Go to "Create WIP Adjustment" and filter by date and resource.

Expected: The value is present to adjust

Actual: While other values are present the one transaction that needs adjusting is not visible.

I've done a SQL trace for the "Create WIP Adjustment" screen and it appears that from the backend this line is what is excluding the transaction from showing


But as there are almost no other transactions in the database where the WIPVALUES.AMOUNTREMAINING does not equal the totalamount I'm at a loss to say why this one is mismatched and more importantly how to fix it.

Any ideas where to look? I've tried adjusting the timesheet entry to 0 and then readjusting it back to 2.  That doesn't seem to have made any difference.