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Recognizing resource/assignment delays - Best Practices?

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by Dale_Stockman

Looking to start a thread that will define the best practices for recognizing various types or scenarios of resource/assignment delays, and how best to recognize and manage them.

Starting out:

Emergency Scenario:  Resource pulled from project to work on something else for several weeks.

  • Option 1:  The resource could mark his calendar in Clarity as 'non-work' days during this period
    • Expect that when project is rescheduled, his assignements on the project will be pushed beyond these 'non-work' days
    • However, resource may be booking to other investments in Clarity during this period - will the resource not get a timesheet(s) for this period?
  • Project manager can export plan to MSP
    • Option 2:  One could shift the task start dates to SNET or FNET, where the date is adjust by the amount of delay expected
      • works if resource is the only resource assigned to task(s) or the delay causes other assigned resources to wait for delayed resource's return (if the taken resource is a machine, the labor resource will probably need to wait until it comes back! - see Option 5)
    • Option 3:  One can enter Assignment Delays for the resource on each of their assignments
      • works
      • tedious, if many tasks and/or projects are affected
      • all affected project managers must be made aware of the delay and do their own edits
    • Option 4:  If task(s) have started, extend the durations of the task(s) to encompass the resource's delay
      • same bullets as for Option 3
    • Option 5:  If the resoure delay causes all resources assigned to be delayed, one can enter a Task Leveling Delay
  • Option 6:  Do nothing but inform the affected project managers - as they reschedule their projects and the resource does not book time to them, the incompleted work will be rescheduled to the future.
    • Simple
    • Works 
    • Perhaps effective if the delay is short and doesn't use significant portions of project buffers and/or planning/forecasting processes are not effected significantly
  • Option 7:  Give the resource's assignments to someone else during uanavailable period


  • Question:  Is Project and/or Task Priority set in Clarity, utilized between projects by AutoSchedule and/or Clarity/MSP Integration?
    • If the emergency activity has something in Clarity that can be booked to
      • Can we raise its prioirty such that when rescheduling projects, the 'emergency' investment will get the resource for the next time period(s) and other investments, when rescheduled, will show a delay in any tasks that the resource is assigned to?

Some of these options require the use of MSP - I don't know how assignment and leveling delays can be entered directly into Clarity.  Would like to push project managers towards using Clarity Gantt - if I can't effectively handle resource delays in Clarity, without MSP, the allure of Clarity Gantt is diminished.  Hoping that Priority, Resource Calanders, perhaps something I don't yet know about, will work well, easily in Clarity, such that MSP isn't needed.

And for those that may know of me, through the years - yes, we are finally getting some groups to use Clarity for the purposes we bought it for....hooray!