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Failure on nikuant compiling of xml file. Class not found.

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Nov 10, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
While testing new version 12.1 in our test environment, one option (of many) that has reverted to default, instead of our old customizations has to do
with data (one field needs changing).

In the Project: Properties: Main - Financial page, we easily changed the attributes and fields around to look they way we need them to be. Attributes,
Labels and placement are easy. We are stumped on the Department field which retrieves and displays the Department Name. Instead, our users requiere it to display the Department Code. It is a simple change. Looking at \niku\clarity\database\schema\odf-seeddata\LOOKUP_PARAM_DEPT_CODE.xml it is a simple change to return "departcode" but how do we compile successfully?

The code in KB TEC484440,
copying odf.xml to odfreapply.xml then compiling (nikuant) fails with: "Could not find the main class: com.niku.odf.ori.odfSeeder"

Where is this class located?

Here's the pertinent section from the KB (which is for another issue but the same copiling instructions apply):

(spaces have been added to the xml tags to avoid being parsed by the forum software JIC)

< java classname="com.niku.odf.ori.odfSeeder" fork="yes" >
< classpath >
< fileset dir="D:\niku\clarity\lib" includes="*.jar"/ >
< /classpath >
< arg line="-installDir"/ >
< arg value="D:\niku\clarity"/ >
< arg line="-workingDir"/>
< arg value="D:\niku\clarity\database\schema\odf-seeddata"/ >
< arg line="-db"/ >
< arg value="${}"/ >
< arg value="LOOKUP_PARAM_DEPT_CODE.xml"/ >
< /java >