April 2014: Clarity Top 10 Knowledge Articles

Discussion created by Connie_Fu on May 5, 2014
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Here are the top 10 viewed Knowledge Articles in the month of April 2014:

1 TEC561661 Trying to select any SRM report within InfoView results in the following error: HTTP status 404 - /CustomParams/
2 TEC573491 Using Clarity v13 Action Trace
3 TEC608590 Why Crystal reports that were created in Development fail to run in production and issues 'Failed to open the connection Database Vendor Code: 12545'
4 TEC484045 TMA-0111 timesheet error when adding tasks or saving timesheet.
5 TEC596332 CA Productivity Accelerator Help Menu Integration
6 TEC466932 Clarity: How to clear process engine locks on timesheets where the process is stuck with a status of "Aborting"
7 TEC606854 Clarity: Other Work Investment instance is not populated in Timesheet
8 TEC527893 Clarity: Process Action items do not use the Initial Grace Period for Escalations.
9 TEC466436 Clarity: Unable to close financially-enabled projects (REVMGR-20058, REVMGR-20062)
10 TEC589702 Clarity: What is the business logic for Idea Status Lookup Values?


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