HTTP Error: Status-Code: 401: Unauthorized

Discussion created by info_tel on May 6, 2014
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As part of a new project, we are implementing an interface from EPM (clarity) to a SAP based financial system.

The requirement is to send a XML file as a request via SOAP to a web URL (webservice soap call to HTTPS). We have performed the following:


  1. Generated certificates using openssl and imported in to JVM keystore (cacerts).
  2. Certificates were sent to the SAP team and they have uploaded our certificates to their SAP system
  3. Received SAP certificates from the interface team and have imported their certificates into JVM keystore (cacerts)


SOAP call via gel script is failing with the following error:


HTTP Error: Status-Code: 401: Unauthorized


Please note that we are able to access the weburl from the browser (local machine) after installing the certificates in our local machine. However, by importing the same certificates in the Clarity server, clarity doesn’t seem to use the certificate.


Please find attached the sample GEL script we have been using for our testing.Kindly provide your suggestions on this issue.Thanks