Call for Volunteers - APM Database Purge Scripts

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on May 6, 2014

Dear APM Users

If you are interested in testing, please contact me directly at hallett.german@ca.com.

Needed: APM 9.1.x Postgres Users with large databases to test new scripts to do additional database purging beyond what is in the product today. You can either provide a backup of the database in a case or try out the scripts yourself in a test environment after making a backup. This is not to be done on a production environment. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon..

Further details:

1. Tool would clear soft deleted rows, for the complete DB.
a. Deletion not focused for stats , session , defect tables as they have feature for purging tables for configured duration.
b. Mainly for definitions and their dependent tables(including stats and defects).
2. This tool will be part of dbtools and will be in the same format as createschema/configexport/configimport. Which are currently existing tool under install folder
3. Currently it is developed to support only postgres, for 9.1X series.