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"Invalid login error" after 12.1 installation with BO 3.1

Question asked by sachin.ghorpade on Nov 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2012 by Gurjeet.S
Hi All,

I have newly installed Clarity 12.1 with BOXI 3.1.
But whenever i try to run report from clarity, it gives me error as "RPT-006:Invalid login. Contact System Administrator".
With same Username and password i'm able to login o CMC. So i guess Usernamne and password are correct.

BOXI 3.1
Java 1.6
Oracle 11g

I have attached screen shot of NSA and log file.
As we are using Oracle i have not created ODBC DSN.
My main concern is as i have installed BO under "C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CommonReporting3". Does this "Program Files " space is causing any problem?

Any help would be really appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!