Need urgent temporary solution for a clarity bug

Discussion created by rg2027 on Nov 11, 2010
Hi ,

In many of our processes we have a start condition "if previous value is not equal to current"
When ever a project is updated we are having a check on one of the attribute (lets say A1 which has a value v1)
If the value of A1 doesnot change (we are ensuring this by checkiing previous value is not equal to current)then we continue to certain steps, Now this is working perfectly when working on clarity.

If we open the same project in MSP and save it back to clarity the condition is overwritten.
What I mean is even though the attribute value is still v1 clarity is taking it as a change in value and unintended processes are getting triggered.

We checked with CA and we are informed that it is fixed in V12 and good thing is we are soon upgrading to v12 but I need to find some temporary solution for this 1month .

I would be really greatful if some one could advise me on how to go about it .[size=3][size]

I have below idea,please tell me if this would work.

I want to set the audit
whenever there is an update I will check the value of A1 in audit table which shoul d be ideally v1
Also I will get the value of A1 from the project object which should be v1 again

then I will check if both these values are equal..IF so I will have a boolean set .
In my process steps I would be checking on this boolean.

Currently I set the audit trail and have executed below query on database

select raw_value_before , raw_value_after,cmn.operation_code ,cmn.*
from niku.cmn_audits cmn,niku.odf_ca_project odf
where cmn.object_code = 'project'
and cmn.table_name = 'odf_ca_project'
and cmn.object_id = odf.id
--and cmn.operation_code='u'
and cmn.attribute_code = 'A1'
and cmn.column_name = 'A1'
and cmn.object_id = *******

Results is as follows


This is when modificaitons are made on database but when I have save the project from MSP back to clarity I dont see any rows being generated
I am thinking to take the latest raw_value_after for the attribute A1 and check against the value of project attribute A1

Please Please let me know if I am going in the right way or I am totally wrong.

Awaiting help

Thanks in advance